Active 7W Slim Light Lantern

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This 7W Slim Light Lantern from Active is ideal for those early evenings sitting outside your awning on your favourite campsite.

The bright 7 watt fluorescent area light has a warm glow to it giving the light from the lantern that cozy feel.

The Lantern is lightweight and compact in design, ideal for easy storage and impressively lasts up to 18 hours on each set of 4x ‘D’ alkaline batteries.

Features include an on/off switch, carrying/hanging handle and a built in compass on the top of the lantern.


  • Lightweight lantern, beautifully designed with a strong protective weatherproof construction.
  • Fitted with adjustable handle/stand and hanging hook
  • Built-in compass Up to 18 hours use per set of batteries
  • Compact design for easy storage
  • Bright 7W fluorescent area light